Our mission.

At Oakcha, we believe that fragrance is part of self-expression. Whether you feel like wearing a sweet and inviting scent or a warm and spicy scent on a different day, everybody should be able to own a fragrance collection that has a scent suited to their every whim and desire. That's why we've taken luxury fragrances and increased the fragrance intensity while keeping our prices low.  

We believe that smelling your best does not mean wearing the same fragrance everyday. Instead, smelling your best means being able to match your fragrance to your outfit, mood, or whatever the occasion calls for. With over 70+ fragrances, we believe that everybody can have a collection of luxury fragrances. Don't believe us? Try just one of our fragrances and we bet that you will be coming back for more.

What we stand for.

We believe in values that guide us in the present and help us to make better decisions for the future.

Creating and maintaining luxury quality in our products is at the core of what we do. All of our perfumes are crafted as extrait de parfums, which have a 30% concentration of fragrance oil and are among the most highly concentrated fragrances in the market. We source our fragrance oils from France, which has been a global leader in the production and development of original luxury fragrances.

We believe that everyone should be able to have a collection of favorite fragrances without breaking the bank. There are thousands of fragrances on the market worldwide, with an endless variety and combination of perfume notes. Why settle for only one fragrance? We believe that fragrances can be fun, affordable and make you feel good about yourself. We keep our products affordable while never sacrificing quality.

Oakcha Community

Based in New York, we started out with a mission to create luxury quality fragrances without the high markups. We strive to create the best customer experience possible, and we are always listening and learning from customer feedback.